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Heres the answers to some frequently asked questions

What is the "Cockpit" page

The cockpit is where you can pin the information you are most interested in.  Rather having to scroll through your entire dashboard, looking for a particular sensor, you can pin various widgets and charts to your cockpit, so they can be available in one place.  For example, if you are regularly checking rainfall across a number of rain gauges, you can pin the widgets to the cockpit, and view them quickly and easily

cockpit 2


How do I add widgets to my Cockpit?

To add a specific widget to your cockpit, simply open your dashboard, click the “more options dots” on the right hand side of the screen, then click “Add to Cockpit”.  If you close and open your app, you’ll now find the widget is pinned to your Cockpit page.

  Cockpit 1-2        Cockpit 1

How do I look at rain totals for the last week, or month or year?

To check rain totals for the week, month, or year to date, simply tap the rain widget.  Each subsequent tap, will take you to the next time span.

Rain widget

Can I invite somebody else to view my data?

If you would like to invite somebody to view your organization's data, you can do it simply by clicking on the options bars at the top left of the page.  Click on your organization, then select "members" then click  "+ new member" and input the new members details on the following page.  The new member will be emailed an invite to join your organization.

Add memeber 1   Add memeber 2  Add memeber 3


What do I do if I need some help?

If you need some help with your app, your hardware, or if you'd like to suggest a new feature, the easiest way to do it, is to raise a ticket.  We can asses the issue then call your straight back.  

Just click on the options bars at the top left of the page, then select "Help and Support".  On the next page you are able to search the existing knowledge base for answers, or click on the options bars and raise a ticket.

help support 1     help  support 2    help support 3