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Hardware trouble shooting

The answers to some frequently asked questions

Blue nodes

I’ve been asked to reboot my node.  How do I do that?

If you notice one of your devices has gone offline, it might require a reboot to get it reconnected.  Likewise, the Support Team might request you to reboot the node for similar reasons.

If so, just follow these few simple steps.

  1. Turn the grey collar anti clockwise to unlock the connector, and pull downwards to disconnect
  2. Wait ten seconds
  3. Line up the 2 small arrows on the sensor cable and connector, and push the connector on until you hear it click.

I suspect my node antenna has been damaged

If your node antenna has been damaged, you will likely notice your node has become Inactive.  If you have spare antenna, you can simply try to swap the damaged one out.  Simply unscrew it, and screw the new one in, finger tight.

If you don't have a spare antenna, you could try to swap it with an antenna from another working node, to confirm the fault.  

I suspect my node is offline.  How can I check?

You can log into your web dashboard or mobile app, and check the particular node on the devices page.  

A node that is offline will appear as “Inactive”  


A node that is online will appear as “Active”  

Weather Stations

My wind direction seems to be incorrect

The most common reason your wind direction might be incorrect, is if your anemometer arm is pointing in the wrong direction.  The arm should be pointing true north.  

If you need to adjust the direction of the anemometer arm, simply loosen the U bolt that holds the weather station to the pole, and rotate the entire weather station.  Be sure not to damage any cables in the process.

My rain totals are inaccurate

Rainfall can vary greatly, even over small distances, so comparing your rainfall totals to that of the BOM or your neighbour, is not a valid comparison.  Likewise, using a small 2 inch manual rain gauge to verify the accuracy of your Incyt rain gauge, is not a valid comparison.  Check out these 2 articles for more detail around how to accurately verify your rainfall totals.


It’s been more than an hour since my weather station updated

The default reporting period for weather stations is hourly.  They will not necessarily update on the hour, but will update hourly from the time they were first installed.

Occasionally, the wireless link to the weather station can be interrupted by external factors, for instance, machinery blocking the signal to the nearest gateway.  In this instance, the weather station may miss a reporting period.  Occasional interruptions like this are unavoidable, but if it is happening consistently and frequently, contact us by emailing contact@incyt.io.

Please note, important information such as rainfall will not be lost.  It will continue to be totalled, and reported in the next reporting cycle.


Ultrasonic tank sensor


How can I view my tank level in “percentage full”?

The default display for the ultrasonic tank sensor, is to show distance from sensor head to the water surface.  If you would like to display the tank level as a percentage full, then you will need to calibrate the sensor via the web dashboard.

You will need to know a few things before you start.

  1. The distance from sensor head to water surface when the tank is full
  2. The distance from sensor head to water surface when the tank is empty
  3. The diameter of the tank

Once, you have collected that info, check out this short video on how to calibrate your tank sensor.

Why are my tank readings erratic?

The most common reason for erratic tank readings, is something blocking the sensor.  Make sure there is nothing floating on the water surface, or a ball valve getting in the way.  Also ensure there is a minimum of 500mm between the sensor head and the water surface when the tank is full.

My tank is full, but my dashboard is showing 0.5m 

When installing your ultrasonic tank sensor, keep in mind that the minimum distance from the sensor to the water surface is 500mm.  That is the minimum resolution of the ultrasonic sensor.